Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services

MDC’s Data processing and Scanning services offers clients a complete, cost effective paper-to-electronic solutions. Over 7+ years we have delivered speedy, seamless, and high quality data digitization services to Govt. Sector and Non Govt. Sector. We have a team of studious, skilled and experienced processing specialist with the capability of handling simple processing projects to complex data processing projects.

Our staff are extremely comfortable with typing and the data entry skills needed to update spreadsheets, databases and other types of lists. Our capability to apply a single resource or a dozen to help complete a task within a given timeframe helps businesses that encounter a time crunch for getting work done. The work stays in-country and protects your customers and clients from having their information sent overseas and potentially compromised. Turn your data into information and analyze your business operations with a full picture of the situation.

Insight’s Key Differentiators

Our staff can help you digitize old files, catalogue and tag each document with keywords necessary to quickly search for the digital copy of files from the comfort of your desk

  • Dev/QA clusters are managed at no additional cost.
  • Cluster buildout is included.
  • Security implementation is included.
  • No hidden vendor lock-in.
  • Can be easily moved to your internal teams when your teams are ready.
  • Complete transparency and ownership of process and technologies we use.

Data Solutions & ServicesWe help drive our client’s journey to build data products

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Enterprise Data Management

Things that before seemed impossible, are now within your reach

  • Provide custom built, intuitive industry tested tools to achieve data security for governance and regulatory needs.
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Predictive Analytics Solutions

Acquire the highest value customers across channels

  • Predictive modeling using data mining techniques that read high volume of data from past and present to predict future indicators
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Data Driven

Help customers gain faster insight from data analytics

  • Customized data-driven solutions based on business needs

Our Value PropositionWhat We Offer

24/7 Support

Provide quick scalability and 24/7 support and delivery

Global Delivery Model

Use a global delivery model for data engineering and managed services

Recognized Partner

Preferred partner with the leading global Hadoop platform players